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Build High-Performing Sales Teams

With the Right

Training Delivery Platform

Ensure every sales conversation counts!

Equip your sales reps to convert and delight customers.

Invest in the right sales enablement platform for impactful product training.

  • Sell more and delight customers with holistic product training
  • Be aligned with your business goals
  • Onboard reps easily and quickly
  • Leverage your pipeline and convert more customers
  • Upsell and cross sell to expand reach
  • Reduce angry, dissatisfied customers
  • Measure the impact of training on your KPIs
  • Build a learning culture
Delighted customers need invested evangelists, not mere sellers.

Get the Best with EffectusLMS

EffectusLMS helps you connect all the content, tools, and training resources your sales teams need to drive impactful conversations with customers, value sell your products, and generate sales.

From onboarding new reps to ensuring reps build repeat customers, follow your sales processes, use tools the right way – offer them a holistic platform that maximizes ROI and streamlines efficiencies.

2024-Top LMS Platforms For Product Training

1. Make it Easy

Your sales reps have busy schedules and aggressive targets. Help them ace product knowledge training by accessing learning assets and resources without having to log in to multiple platforms. Provide microlearning assets they can access in the flow of work, and on-demand.

Ensure they comply with your sales processes, code of conduct and, and other regulations by offering periodic training.

Reinforce knowledge and keep up to date with the latest with continual learning.

Make it Easy

2. Make it Personal

Make it Personal

Give them a unique learning experience with a gamified platform. Configure badges and unlock achievements on successful completion of training. Set up leaderboards to display top performers within each team.

Set up personalized learning paths for your reps based on pre-defined criteria. Equip them to upsell and cross sell with targeted training resources.

Integrate the platform with your CRM and other tools with the easy single sign on facility. Save reps the time and hassle of working with several platforms and remembering numerous passwords.

Make it easy for them to collaborate with peers and experts with social learning features. Help them attend virtual sessions, complete projects, and more.

3. Make it Welcoming

New sales reps can have a harrowing time trying to find all your collateral and getting familiar with your products and processes. Streamline it for them by offering an efficient onboarding experience.

Set up 30-day, 60-day, 90-day development plans. Show them where everything is organized and whom they can approach for support.

Give them access to their learning plans and the mandatory training programs to be completed. Help them find their way through your ecosystem will a well-organized platform.

Make it Welcoming

4. Measure and Improve

Measure and Improve

Measure the performance of your sales reps and teams. Analyze by location or team-wise, product-wise, and more.

Discover which training programs have high completion rates and having a better impact on results. The platform can generate custom reports in a variety of formats and share with Training Managers and others, as needed.

Set reminders and notify learners of completion dates and upcoming certifications, easily. Track, reissue, and manage certificates easily – without manual work or missing timelines.

The EffectusLMS Advantage

The EffectusLMS Advantages

Pay ONLY Per Active User  

  • Up to 40% off on customizations, for a contract period of 2 years
  • Get unwanted features turned off, so you don’t pay for them
Pay for 11 months, access the platform for 12 months
Free admin support for the first 3 months of usage