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EffectusLMS for Trainers

A Delivery Platform that Takes Care of Your Complete Training Workflow


Content Creation
Course Management
User Management
Reporting & Analytics

Training Administration Challenges Faced by Trainers

Trainers are not always tech savvy, and might face problems using a bulky, unfriendly LMS. Administration takes a lot of their time and effort, and isn’t their primary focus. However, they need to use the platform to manage courses and users, gather feedback, track completions, issue certificates, configure learning paths, and more.

So a platform customized for them should be easy to use, simple, and ensure every task should be doable within a few clicks.

Challenges EffectusLMS Solves for Trainers

They need a platform that is aligned with their corporate branding.

EffectusLMS is customized to align with the client’s branding. The LMS offers trainers a platform to host all their learning assets (courses, micro modules, videos, PDFs, links).

They can create content, if necessary, from within the LMS, and assign it to learners. They can create quizzes, surveys, and assessments.

Manage courses and users easily.

User and course management is a tedious, monotonous task, taking trainers away from their core job. However, user and course management becomes a cakewalk with EffectusLMS. Along with regular features, the platform allows learners to self register for interested training programs. Trainers can upload users in bulk using the .CSV option. Automatic enrollment based on profile is also possible. Learners can be pre-assigned to onboarding programs.

It is easy to manage, track, and update digital assets on the LMS. They can be configured into various learning tracks and assigned to different learner groups.

They should be able to retain learners on the LMS, and ensure training programs are completed.

EffectusLMS supports gamification – learners can unlock new achievements on successfully completing training programs. Badges and rewards can be configured based on completion status.

The LMS is mobile compatible and integrated with third party learning libraries (such as Udemy, LinkedIn Learning) to support the complete learning ecosystem.

Trainers can set up learning tracks for learners based on their competencies, preferences, and goals. They can send reminder notifications and alerts, for eLearning courses, classroom, and virtual classroom sessions.

They need to demonstrate the value of learning.

Trainers can see learner performance in a wide range of options, with just a few clicks. They can see completion status based on geographies, departments, teams, and other criteria. It is also easy to generate custom reports that help trainers take actionable insights.

EffectusLMS to Support the Training Workflow

User and Course Management Features
  • Gamification
  • Self-registration capabilities
  • Individualized learning plans
  • Social and collaboration tools
  • Searchable content
  • Bookmarking
  • Offline access capabilities
  • Learning catalogs
  • Customized training plans
  • Role-based access  
  • Data security
  • Custom reports 
Administrative Features 
  • Custom branding
  • Built-in authoring tool
  • Automated learning tracks (e.g., onboarding, new leaders)
  • Automated report generation (preset or customizable)
  • Individual dashboards (e.g., KPIs, performance rates, widgets)
  • Team/department-level dashboards
  • Integration with third party content tools (e.g., APIs)
  • Manage course resources (e.g., space, equipment, instructor schedules)
  • Notify/email/message learners about courses
  • Learning library connectors
  • Push notifications
Reporting and Analytics Features
  • Assessment performance/test scores
  • Compliance reporting
  • Course/certificate progress report
  • Course registrations/progress/completions
  • Individual competency/performance/patterns
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Pre-configured dashboards
  • Manager dashboard capabilities
  • Learner-level content history/usage
  • Certification management
  • Recertification tracker


Option 1

Pay for 11 months and access the LMS for 12 months

Option 2

Avail the platform for minimum 6 months, pay upfront, & avail a flat 25% off

Option 3

Pay per active user only – on a monthly basis

Option 4

Sign a 2-year contract and avail up to 40 hours of customizations* free

*Customizations include:

  • Branding to align with your corporate identity
  • Turn off unwanted features
  • Design updates
  • 2 customized reports